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(Bridgewater, NS) – January 28, 2022 – Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. welcomes the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Review Board’s decision today which approves the boundary amendment for Farm AQ1039 located off Rattling Beach in the Annapolis Basin.

The ARB hearing process was thorough and rigorous, and included input from multiple stakeholders. We are pleased with the outcome of this application and look forward to engaging with this process for the other applications we have before the ARB.

Kelly Cove has operated on this lease since 2004, and the site has been an active aquaculture operation since 1994. Our application was to bring all moorings and equipment within the lease boundary, with no changes in equipment, location or production increases.

The Board concluded that the boundary amendment would have no negative impact upon the factors which it was required to consider.

Key findings:

  • All of the evidence is that Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. has been pro-active, and has invested heavily, to follow international best practices.
  • The Board is satisfied that the lease boundary amendment will have no impact on the sustainability of wild Atlantic salmon.
  • This salmon farm makes a genuine contribution to community and Provincial economic development.
  • Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. has throughout its operations, fully complied with the requirements of its Farm Management Plan (FMP) and has set its own high standards.
  • The use of the site to efficiently produce thousands of kilograms of food is surely an optimum use of the small portion of the Annapolis Basin. Salmon farming converts feed to food much more efficiently, and with a much smaller footprint, than does, for example beef production.
  • The re-drawing of the salmon farm boundary to encompass the infrastructure represents the optimum use of marine resources and does not cause any significant negative impact to other fishery activities.
  • Allowing the farm to continue as it is presently located will have no impact on the public right of navigation.
  • This salmon farm site has been well managed, and indeed, has strong mitigation efforts in place. All farms are closely regulated and monitored by professional staff at Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture highly regulates and has effective interaction with Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd in connection with the Rattling Beach Fish Farm.


About Cooke Aquaculture’s Salmon Farming Operations in Nova Scotia: 

Our goal is to lead global salmon farming science innovations and sustainable best practices. Our relationship with the marine environment is vital to our business and to producing top quality seafood for our customers. As a family-owned company, we aim to continue to farm with care – to ensure long term social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our salmon farm sites are routinely audited and certified by third party organizations, in addition to inspections by regulators.

The company has been sustainability operating Atlantic salmon farms for over twenty-three years in Nova Scotia and we are proud to employ 205 full time year-round Nova Scotians and support another 240 jobs through spending $51.5 million on goods and services annually from 309 local suppliers.  Our provincial salmon farming generates annual taxation of $7.4 million and consumer spending of $13.7 million. This generates much needed revenues for rural municipalities, and provincial and federal governments to be spent on social programs, healthcare, education, roads, and other services.



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