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Samuels donating a portion of proceeds to wild Atlantic salmon recovery project

BLACKS HARBOUR, New Brunswick, Canada – October 1, 2019 – Jail Island Salmon is excited to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with Samuels Seafood which will help recover and preserve the inner Bay of Fundy wild Atlantic Salmon population. Jail Island is among the finest quality Atlantic salmon from Canada.

With a truly delicate flavor and a satisfying medium-firm texture, Jail Island Salmon provides a superior food handling experience for chefs, and a first-class dining experience for guests. Straight from the natural ocean environment of Atlantic Canada, chefs and restaurateurs can count on Jail Island Salmon to deliver exceptional Canadian quality, freshness, and taste. Hand-graded for consistent quality year-round, Jail Island Salmon is available in whole fish, fillets, and portions and delivered to Samuels Seafood in as little as 48 hours from harvest for peak freshness.

Jail Island Salmon are sustainably raised in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic off the East Coast of Canada. Jail Island Salmon Company was the first salmon producer to market its product under its own brand, named after a small island in Lime Kiln Bay on the edge of the Bay of Fundy. In fact, Jail Island salmon was so highly coveted during the beginnings of aquaculture in Atlantic Canada, the salmon were frequently stolen from net pens, resulting in night guards being hired to watch over sea sites.

Jail Island Salmon is packed by True North Seafood, a member of the Cooke family of companies. Samuels is a leading seafood supplier and distributor with reach across the largest US markets and has been a purveyor of exceptional quality True North Seafood for over 25 years. True North Seafood is the only North American salmon producer that has fully integrated highest level 4-star BAP certification. Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is an international, third-party certification system that verifies environmental and socially responsible practices.

Beyond sustainably raising salmon, Jail Island producers are just as preoccupied with preserving a healthy marine ecosystem in and around their ocean sites. This is why, in an effort to revive wild Atlantic salmon stocks, for every pound of Jail Island Salmon that is sold, Samuels will donate a portion of proceeds to the Fundy Salmon Recovery project. The goal of the project is to recover and preserve the inner Bay of Fundy wild Atlantic Salmon population, an endangered species.

Fundy Salmon Recovery is the first project in the world to collect Atlantic salmon that have spent their critical early life stages in the wild, and then care for them in an ocean environment at the world’s first Wild Salmon Marine Conservation Farm operated by Cooke Aquaculture. These endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon are released back into the wild to naturally spawn the next generation. Survival of the species depends on human intervention, new thinking, and the dedication of collaborators like Samuels Seafood.

Last year, the project’s recovery efforts resulted in record breaking returns of wild Atlantic salmon. Samuels is proud to support an initiative that is working to enhance and sustain such an important ecosystem.

Jail Island is more than just a delicious center of plate option – it is food to feel good about. Authentically Canadian. Genuinely delicious. Impacting an earnest cause. And now it’s available exclusively through Samuels Seafood. Contact your Samuels representative to get a taste.

For more information on Fundy Salmon Recovery visit:

Samuels Seafood will showcase Jail Island Salmon at the Vegas Food Expo, October 8th-10th, Mandalay Bay Convention Center. They are also running a campaign blitz the week of October 7th in major markets of NYC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, DC and Baltimore followed by Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Florida during the month of October.


About True North Seafood.
True North Seafood is one of the largest and most trusted providers of seafood in North America. Family-owned and operated, True North Seafood is a vertically integrated leader in both farmed and wild seafood. Under the Cooke family of brands, True North Seafood has access to a network of 17 core species from Atlantic Canada, United States, Chile, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay, Honduras and Nicaragua. True North Seafood is proud to offer products that meet certifications such as: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Soil Association OrganicBRC Global StandardsMarine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Certified Responsible Fisheries (Alaska Seafood). For the second year in a row, Cooke Inc. earned the #1 spot on the SeafoodSource list of Top 10 North American Seafood Suppliers.

About Samuels Seafood.
Since 1895, the D’Angelo family has been in the business of seafood. With the evolution from pushcarts to horse-drawn wagons, to a fleet of over 100 temperature controlled trucks serving the top restaurants and best chefs in the industry, Samuels Seafood continues to expand its full service import and distribution share of the market by providing quality seafood products with the highest standards of customer service. Samuels Seafood has offices on the East Coast, Mid West, West Coast and South Coast and serves large commercial customers, and provides the necessary cutting, portioning, packaging and labeling for restaurants and retailers. Chefs at many of the nation’s finest restaurants, as well as major grocers stake their reputations on the products Samuels Seafood provides. Samuels offers an extensive stock selection, the majority of which is brought in fresh daily. High volume specialty items sourced globally create a predominant presence for Samuels in the marketplace enabling them to deal directly with fishermen from the North Atlantic to the seas of Australia for consistent quality, competitive pricing and reliable supply. From large-scale salmon and tuna purchases to specialty Japanese and European products: if it swims, Samuels can deliver it.

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